How Nordic entrepreneurial values and Silicon Valley’s thriving ecosystem are accelerating green innovation together

Denmark is an entrepreneurial green frontrunner, where ambitious energy targets and innovative Danish companies have placed us among world leaders in green solutions. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley is undisputed in its innovation and entrepreneurial leadership. Factors such as access to capital, constant innovations and talent from over 280 academic institutions ensure its status as a thriving ecosystem.

Using Denmark and Silicon Valley as a case, the aim of this session is to highlight the shared values between the US and Nordics when it comes to the green transition. We will dive into the partnerships between Denmark and Silicon Valley, the elements that make Silicon Valley’s ecosystem such an ideal environment for green startups. In addition, we will hear from Danish impact startups and their experiences in moving to Silicon Valley.

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October 27, 2021
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Silicon Valley
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10 - 11 AM / GMT-7
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