How to ensure the adoption of technology aimed at creating better solutions for people and planet

Most businesses are allocating significant resources to incorporate innovative tech solutions and effectively use data to improve operations and resource efficiencies across the organisation. However, it is important to ensure that the adoption of technology is aimed towards creating better solutions for the people and planet whilst handling data responsibly and steering innovation towards an ethical digital world.

Businesses are required to create a new set of agreements to build a more ethical digital world where customer data is used appropriately and not just for creating higher sales

In support of this year’s Impact the Future Conference, join us with startup founders, corporates, government agencies and ecosystem partners to address these key questions:

How do we ensure that technology is used to create better solutions for people and the planet?
How do we handle data responsibly, and how do we steer innovation towards an ethical digital world?
Can we ensure that new digital business models can thrive without compromising privacy, democracy and ethics?
What steps can we take to ensure a strong and healthy connection between governments and business in the digital age?

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November 9, 2021
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