our Principles

our Principles

our Principles

our Principles

our vision

Why cities for global impact?

As we look towards 2050, a staggering projection looms: more than 70% of the global population will be urban dwellers. The way we develop and manage our cities and their infrastructures in the next few decades will be critical.We recognize the power of cities to shape the future, and that's why we have dedicated ourselves to the cause.Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 11, our mission takes on added urgency. Governments globally are called to transform cities into inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable habitats by 2030. The clock is ticking, and the role of cities as primary energy consumers and greenhouse gas emitters only amplifies the need for rapid, transformative action.

our approach

The Quadruple Helix of Social Innovation

At Impact The Future, we're not just building bridges; we're creating a new paradigm for urban innovation. Our approach is rooted in the Quadruple Helix Model, an inclusive framework that brings together four key sectors: Business, Public, Academia, and Citizens. By integrating these diverse perspectives, we catalyze the implementation of sustainable solutions in cities.

The Drivers of Change

Harnessing the innovative drive and resources of the business sector, we infuse cities with cutting-edge solutions and sustainable business practices.

Public Sector:
The Framework Setters

We work closely with Public representatives our initiatives with regulatory frameworks and public interests, creating conducive environments for sustainable development.

The Knowledge Creators

Academic institutions are our knowledge partners. They bring cutting-edge research and deep insights, helping us to base our solutions on solid scientific foundations.

The Heart of Our Mission

Empowering citizens as active participants, we embrace community insights and aspirations, making them central to shaping resilient urban spaces.

our methods

A Community Lunch at Future Living
By bringing communities together.

We address challenges by bringing together organizations, governments and individuals to challenge the status quo on a range of issues. We achieve this through events, summits and customized projects, where we tackle each challenge head-on.

Peple having conversations in a conference
By sharing all our learnings.

We communicate the insights, learnings, and best practices we uncover to a wider audience via our media site and in collaboration with other mainstream media outlets.

Impact the Future Conference Stage with a presentation
By showcasing best practices.

We want to ensure that solutions and best practices are accessible to everyone by showcasing what's already available through our open-source platform. Our platform is a comprehensive catalog of best practices and solutions, detailing how they have been implemented and how others can do the same.

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