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Together we can foster positive global change through urban action.

At Impact The Future we accelerate the adoption of sustainable solutions by harnessing the power of cities. Cities, with their dense populations, decision-making hubs, and infrastructural advantages, are our greatest opportunity for impactful change.

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Shaping a resilient future together.

Impact the Future is the brainchild of Startup Guide and Culture Works, two organisations united by their commitment to addressing climate change through actionable solutions. Leveraging the combined support and resources of both companies, Impact the Future is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact. With Startup Guide's 10 years of expertise in brand activation and Culture Works' proven track record in ecosystem building, we are equipped to drive forward sustainable initiatives in the heart of cities, shaping a resilient future together.


Sissel Hansen is the founder of Startup Guide, co-founder of Impact the Future, Kaospilot+ Berlin, and Future Club, and has served on various boards, including the government's green entrepreneurship council and the Danish Tech Startups association. Her achievements include recognition as one of Europe's influential women in the startup and venture capital field by EU-Startups.

Sissel Hansen
Program & Partnerships, Co-founder

Chiara has over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, particularly in impact investing and ecosystem building. She has worked with TechBBQ, Seedcamp, and Katapult Foundation, lately focusing on climate adaptation, biodiversity, and regenerative thinking. Chiara is also educated in entrepreneurial management, with a master's thesis on gender-blindness in entrepreneurship.

Chiara Podbielski

Andreas Nielsen is co-founder of Impact the Future and co-founder and Strategic Director at Culture Works. With a strong focus on connecting culture and entrepreneurship in the Nordics, Andreas works to enable the commerce potential of culture, entrepreneurship, and innovation through community building.

Andreas Nielsen
Vision & Administration, Co-founder

About Startup Guide

Startup Guide has spent the last 10 years mapping the startup ecosystems of cities, working directly with municipalities and community organisations to uncover local innovation networks. Leveraging its expertise in city ecosystem mapping, Startup Guide empowers Impact the Future by identifying key stakeholders and innovative practices, focusing on creating sustainable cities through targeted, impactful collaborations.

About Culture Works

Culture Works leverages over a decade of expertise in crafting cultural impact through strategic branding, communication and immersive experiences. Our extensive experience involves collaboration with dynamic creative ecosystems, commercial partners, and vibrant cities. We enhance ITF’s commitment to sustainable urban development by prioritizing the integration of impactful experiences, cultural innovation, and community engagement. This approach propels meaningful transformations within cities, ensuring a holistic and sustainable evolution.

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Join us in our journey to transform urban landscapes into ecosystems of sustainability and innovation. Together, we can accelerate the adoption of sustainable solutions and make a tangible impact on the future of our planet.

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