Future Living


Future Living is a new one-day Festival in Copenhagen centered on how cities are drivers for change and how local solutions can help solve problems all over the globe by showcasing concrete solutions from Copenhagen.

Future Living 2024
June 2
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Envisioning the Future Together:
Tackling Urban Sustainability and Community Building.

The Future Living Festival is a visionary event designed to tackle the pressing challenges of urban development, sustainability, and community building. With a focus on showcasing Copenhagen's innovative solutions, the festival aims to inspire change and demonstrate how cities can be powerful drivers for global solutions. By bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and the community, the event explores themes of housing, mobility, resources, and togetherness, striving for a resilient and inclusive future. This initiative is not just about envisioning a sustainable urban future but making it a tangible reality through concrete local actions and collaborative efforts.

The festival aims to present a diverse program anchored in the city’s resilient context of housing, mobility, resources and togetherness.
Future Living Talks


Surrounded by nature.

The Future Living brand was designed to embody the principles of nature and sustainable living, while also being visually accessible and relatable to the public. The use of green shapes in the branding was chosen to evoke the image of leaves from the surrounding trees at Banegaarden, creating a strong visual connection to its natural environment.

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