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Rethink Cities is dedicated to fostering sustainable urban development through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), aiming to implement actionable solutions for future cities. Hosting the Rethink Cities Summit in Sønderborg, recognized for its scalable decarbonization model, the initiative emphasizes hands-on knowledge sharing and the development of comprehensive action plans for sustainability. By showcasing successful case studies and facilitating collaboration between government bodies and businesses, Rethink Cities sets a unique focus on turning inspiration into tangible implementation for creating sustainable cities worldwide.

Rethink Cities 2024
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The energy efficiency capital of the world

Sønderborg’s initiative to reach climate neutrality by 2029 has been recognized and awarded by The International Energy Agency as a “replicable, adaptable and scalable” decarbonization model for cities worldwide. That’s why it is Sønderborg is host city for our important gathering.

More details to be revealed soon.

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